Belief Systems is a Strategy Advisory firm into Business Process Engineering [BPE] and Leadership Mentoring.

We help Companies to grow to the next level by setting up systems, process and Controls by working with them for continuous improvement through implementation. We just do not suggest but we stay to see it implemented.

We follow a B.O.T.T.E model ( Build, Operate, Train, Transfer, Evaluate)


Build a suitable program to rectify the weaknesses of the client


Operate and implement said program in client organization.


Train client employees to align with the suggested program.


Transform the client from a people driven organization to process driven one


Evaluate the proposed change and ensure continuous improvement

How it works

  • Entry Strategy

    We help companies to set up in India through a BOT ( Build, Operate & Transfer Model)

    Costing & Pricing Strategy

    Help companies to optimize their costs and through Data Analytics and Data Visualization tools, ensure their pricing is competitive for sustenance.

    Exit Strategy

    Help companies liquidate their stakes to attract investors or in case of sale, help companies with a proposer valuation and exit.

  • Growth & Sustenance Strategy

    Help Companies by setting up systems, processes, controls and policies in the verticals of People ( Human Resources) , Finance, Marketing & Overall operations.

    Our strong Dashboards helps the management in quick decision making

    Help in identifying the right resources from the market through our specialized hiring services model.

    Training to Transform - Mentoring and Training the key resources to set goals to align with the Vision and Mission of the organization by conducting Training sessions & workshop and measuring the same with a proper evaluation mechanism

Belief Systems

Over the years we have seen organizations struggle to execute core functions such as data warehousing, operational processes inclusive of data analytics, forecasting, risk analysis, contingency planning & remediation, resource deployment, amongst other KRAs. The aforesaid tasks, though critical, are time-consuming and serve as major distractions to the actual business. We, at Belief Systems, have the expertise and skill set to masterfully handle these tasks.

We help start-ups soar and also help existing businesses resolve their ongoing challenges and metamorphose into matured companies. In a nutshell, we Build processes, effectually Operate them for you, then seamless Transfer the well-oiled operation back to you.

Our team of Chartered Accountants and financial experts with a combined experience of more than 30 years comes from a diverse industry background at various financial leadership roles from some of the biggest Global Firms and Fortune 500 companies. Our Financial Services team provides the highest quality results in the fields of: technical accounting, Internal Audit and Risk management, CFO outsourcing services, Valuation Services, Due Diligence for M&A and other such. Our motto is to help SMEs/ Start-ups reach their fullest growth potential by offering complete end to end guidance and support at each stage of the organization’s growth trajectory, in order to aid the management focus on Operations and increase the revenue / profitability potential of the business. Some of the ways we do this is by: providing valuation / pitch book services essential for Equity/Debt funding, Cost management, Profit maximization, Turn-around services, and Virtual CFO / Accounting Outsourcing solutions and Financial Planning.

Belief Systems has an expertise and ability of decades in Human Resource Management and Organizational Development. We have been constantly engaged with HR Engagement in the below manner:

  • Our goal is helping organizations do what it takes to scale up their performance and revenue growth.
  • Belief Systems has vast years of experience across various industries of small, mid and large size organizations.
  • We have successfully completed projects for over 45 clients and are currently working with 15 clients on a range of initiatives spanning:
    • HR Auditing, Organization Structure & Design, Vision & Mission
    • Business Goal Setting
    • Performance Management
    • Overall HR Process Re-engineering
    • Change Management
    • Mentoring – Training the minds of the Key executives in the Business.
We design programs based on the client’s current need. We review the client and assess it based on industry standards. We implement the program at the client’s location with the help of the employees. And we train for sustained growth.

An organization grows all by itself in the initial years of business which is the formative years. After that stage, having established with strong systems & processes, the people working in the organization need to take steps to move to the next level. Precisely, the mind of the people needs to expand.

At some point of time, the work seems to become too monotonous for the working individual which starts directly impacting the performance of the individual. Slowly it percolates to others and the goal starts shrinking. Somewhere the employee starts losing his belief in the organization creating a lot of uneasiness in the system.

Why a Chief Belief Officer (CBO) is required for an organization?

Mind of the Man is the Man, Change the Mind & you change the Man. The CBO’s role is to reenergize the minds of the people in the organization, direct their individual efforts into group goals, enhances the belief systems in the organisation and thus provides a direction to achieve the end result.

How does this work?

Every Organization can be divided into 3 layers:

  • Top Management – The owners & Directors
  • The Catalyst – The Middle Level Management –The Key portfolios that represent the Management to the other Levels in the Organization.
  • Other Levels – The Reportees to the Middle Level Management

The CBO predominantly works with the Middle Management who is the crucial bridge to align with the expectations of the Top Management & translate to the other employees of the Organization.

The Middle management or the Catalyst is taken together as a team and empowered by the CBO through continuous training modules.

The CBO works on the overall development in making the individual a high energy reserve in the organization.